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Palabe Wealth Management

Our Approach

At Palabe Wealth Management, we develop long-term relationships with our clients by offering a personalized approach that strives to exceed  expectations. Our client service model is specifically designed toward improving the effectiveness and efficiency by which the 401K providers and TPAs administer the plan.

Our team provides extensive education, training, information and resources for the employees and the leadership team so they know how to best utilize the benefits.

It has been our experience that investment success – whether for businesses or individuals -- is more likely achieved through an unwavering commitment to a set of clearly defined investment principles and processes:

For Employers...

  • We assist clients in preparing an investment policy statement that accurately expresses each organization's unique goals, objectives, risk tolerance and other client specific considerations.
  • The investment review report gives our client informational data in order to help them monitor and make decisions regarding the investment options in the plan.

For Individual Investors...

  • The goal of our approach is to take the emotion out of investing in order to capture market returns while minimizing volatility.
  • Risk management is a critical component of a well balanced portfolio. We utilize an asset allocation strategy to assist in managing risk and potentially improve return.

*No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.